We are so grateful to all the Trusts and Foundations who have supported our work, including:

BBC Children in Need

Our Wheelchair Skills Training Schemes in the South of England are supported by BBC Children in Need. This fantastic grant helps us to give disabled children and young people better chances in life by teaching them vital skills to use their mobility equipment. The project will give young people the confidence and skills to do more by themselves, increasing their independence. 

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The ACT Foundation

The ACT Foundation has been a generous supporter of Whizz-Kidz for many years, providing incredible funding for vital mobility equipment for young disabled people in the UK. Their pledge of £110,000 over the year from April 2013 will make a huge difference to the lives of young wheelchair users like Kira and their families.

Meet Kira…

Kira lives with her parents and little sister in Bolton.  She has Cerebral Palsy, which for her means she can’t walk and relies on her wheelchair to get about.  Thanks to funding from the ACT Foundation, Whizz-Kidz was able to provide her with a new powered wheelchair with a riser (which allows her seat to move up and down), which has transformed her life.  She has gained the independence she so wanted and can now socialise with her friends without her parents being there to push her. The riser function means she’s now able to reach kitchen surfaces, and she’s learning to cook for the first time!

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Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust

Whizz-Kidz is extremely grateful for the long-standing support of the Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust, who fund lightweight manual wheelchairs for young people from low-income families.  Through their fantastic support, Whizz-Kidz has been able to provide wheelchairs to over 60 young people, including Keiron who received a lightweight manual wheelchair in 2015.







Keiron, 16, from Redditch was born with Cerebral Palsy, which affects his muscles and means he can not walk unaided. Keiron has a passion for musical theatre and this is the career path he would like to follow. Before receiving his manual lightweight wheelchair from Whizz-Kidz, Keiron was given a wheelchair from his local NHS wheelchair services. This unfortunately did not suit Keiron’s needs and was too big and bulky for him to use with confidence. Having this equipment meant that he was left feeling restricted and often isolated amongst his friends, especially at his local drama group. However, now with his new manual chair, Keiron is enjoying new levels of confidence and independence, as well as an improvement in his health.

Keiron’s mum, Kirsty, says:

'When Keiron was fitted for a wheelchair by our local NHS wheelchair service, it was clear that they were very restricted in the equipment they could provide. I knew that Keiron would be better with a lightweight manual wheelchair but they didn’t seem to fully understand his needs. The chair we received was very bulky and quite old-fashioned – Keiron didn’t feel very confident in it at all and he didn’t think it looked “cool” enough. Also, due to the size of the chair, he was unable to manoeuvre around the stage at the local drama group that he attends.


 'I knew Whizz-Kidz and their great work and so we decided to apply for a manual lightweight wheelchair that I would suit Keiron’s needs so much better than his NHS chair. The Therapists really listened to how both Keiron and I felt and they had a great understanding of what would be best, both medically and socially for Keiron.

'When the manual lightweight chair arrived, Keiron was so excited and I knew it was the start of a new chapter in his life. It looked really smart and Keiron felt proud to use it! One of the biggest changes I noticed as his mum was Keiron’s health. As he was moving around more, he started to lose weight and was able to develop skills such as transferring himself in and out of his wheelchair without help. It was so incredible to see him becoming more and more independent.

'Keiron’s outlook on life has definitely improved too, especially regarding his future aspirations of becoming an actor. He has been offered a place at his local college which specialises in musical theatre and his new chair will definitely enable him to participate more in performances with his friends.

'I feel so much more positive about Keiron’s future now, all because he has been given the right equipment at the right time. As a parent, I cannot thank Whizz-Kidz enough.'

Keiron says:

‘I absolutely love my Whizz-Kidz wheelchair! It is so easy to use when I am on stage with my drama group and I can’t wait to use it at college. My confidence has definitely improved thanks to my new-found freedom. I feel that more doors have opened for me now and I am looking forward to pursuing my dream of having a future in musical theatre – something which would have been so much harder without my new wheelchair. Thank you so much Whizz-Kidz!' 

The City Bridge Trust

We were thrilled to receive a three year grant from the City Bridge Trust in 2012 to fund our Life Skills Camps in London.  Support from the trust enables Whizz-Kidz to run a camp every year for young disabled Londoners to come together to learn vital life skills to prepare them for adulthood. 

What happens at Camp Whizz-Kidz?

The True Colours Trust

We are very grateful to receive fantastic support from the True Colours Trust who awarded us funding for our Work Placements Programme in the North of England until 2015. Their funding means Whizz-Kidz can expand our programme and employ a dedicated member of staff based in the north to coordinate this important area of our work.  

The Light Fund

We are thrilled to continue to receive support from the Light Fund. This funding enables Whizz-Kidz to provide life changing mobility equipment to disabled children and young people across the UK. 











We are grateful to all of our funders for their wonderful support!