Georgia, 16, from Hampshire, has cerebral palsy. This means she has little movement in her legs, and struggles to walk long distances without her wheelchair. Since receiving mobility equipment from Whizz-Kidz in December 2014, Georgia has attended our camps and Ambassador Clubs (youth clubs), and is training to become a Young Leader to help inspire other  disabled children and young people in her area.

Georgia says:

‘I was the only child at my primary school who needed to use a wheelchair and there were only two other wheelchair users at my secondary school. So I didn’t really get to interact with many  other young disabled people like me, and there weren’t really many social or development opportunities in my area for  us – but then I discovered Whizz-Kidz!

I first became involved with Whizz-Kidz in December 2014 when they provided me with a trike. This made a huge difference to my life, as it helped me to build the strength in my legs and gave me a lot more independence. After receiving my trike, I received an email about a Whizz-Kidz Ambassador Club that was taking place at my local college. I thought I’d love to give it a go, and I really enjoyed the experience. Since then, I’ve been regularly attending my local club for the last year – it’s really helped me to make more friends with other young disabled people, who face the same issues as me and has helped to build my confidence. The club is a fantastic opportunity for us to get together and share our experiences.

Our regular club trainer, James, is awesome – he knows how to talk to young disabled people, and being a wheelchair user himself he really understands how we feel.’

James, Whizz-Kidz Club Leader says:

‘I’ve been been a Whizz-Kidz trainer for nearly six years now, and I love teaching and helping kids develop new life skills and grow in confidence. So many of the kids start off shy and reserved, and over time find their voice and grow into not just happy and confident children, but self-assured and independent young adults, like Georgia.  I hope that I’m showing them that it’s possible to have a great career and achieve whatever you want to in life’.


‘We do so many great things at the club. We learn new skills by playing  games which help us to move around independently – this really helps to build our confidence and understand our environment. As well as all sorts of fun activities like – art, yoga and lip-sync battles! – we have a great time.

Attending my local Whizz-Kidz club has really improved my people skills and I’m now training to become a Young Leader through the Whizz-Kidz Young Leader’s programme. This programme gives me opportunities to develop my leadership skills, such as being a Wheelchair Skills Training Buddy to other young disabled people and helping to organise activities at our Ambassador Club. I want  to help the club as much as I possibly can, by supporting the younger disabled kids and sharing  my experiences with them.

To read more about Georgia and here dream to compete in the Paralympics you can read her blog here