Our experience tells us that - with the exception of a few areas of good practice - families across the country struggle to access appropriate wheelchairs through the NHS. That's where Whizz-Kidz comes in. 

Working collaboratively to help disabled children:

To reach greater numbers of disabled people, Whizz-Kidz partners with the NHS to deliver wheelchair services by using our expert and innovative approach. Together we reach more disabled people, like Jamie and William, quickly and with equipment which suits their needs and gives them the freedom to be themselves. 

We are continually seeking opportunities to work collaboratively with the NHS to deliver wheelchair services utilising our expertise, innovations and unrelenting focus on the children we serve, in as many regions as possible. Thousands children and young people are still waiting for appropriate mobility equipment, and it is imperative that we work together to reach them.

We work hard to reduce inequalities across the country for wheelchair users and helping shape government policy that will spread efficiency and enhance quality.

Improving outcomes for disabled adults as well as children:

Most people know Whizz-Kidz for our work with disabled children, but as well as thousands of children, there are still thousands of adults waiting for the mobility equipment they need to fulfill their potential and enjoy independent lives. In some areas, the NHS funds Whizz-Kidz to bring our proven track record, clinical and business expertise to adults like Stephen, as well as children, where paediatric and adult wheelchair services are combined.

Better commissioning:

We’ve been working with NHS Clinical Commissioners to call for changes to improve wheelchair commissioning, with the aim to improve health outcomes for patients, reduce delays and save costs. You can read our commissioning of wheelchair services paper (opens in new window), written with NHSCC, which sets out some of the issues and our recommendations for improvement. 

Choice and competition:

We believe that every wheelchair user should have the opportunity to take charge of their own healthcare, and ideally a choice of providers to ensure they receive the best possible service and equipment. Choice and competition for NHS wheelchair services will offer a golden opportunity to extend the improvements that Whizz-Kidz has spearheaded with existing NHS partners, to the rest of the country.

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