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Want to know more about Wheelchair Skills Training? We've answered your frequently asked questions below, but if you'd like to know more please get in touch by calling 0800 151 3350 or emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Wheelchair Skills Training for me?

    Wheelchair Skills Training is for any young person (aged 2-25) who uses a manual or powered wheelchair and can push or drive themselves. We run beginner, intermediate and advanced courses and we also work with young people with complex needs or switch operated power chairs.

    We work hard to make sure that everyone who attends learns new skills, whatever their ability. Everyone leaves with more confidence and independence, having had fun and made new friends!

    Wheelchair Skills Training has been designed by disabled young people, their parents and adult wheelchair users. We teach vital skills that you’ve told us you need in day to day life at school, home and play, using a fun combination of games, one to one exercises and group activities.

  • Where does Wheelchair Skills Training take place?

    Wheelchair Skills Training happens across the UK, during the school day in schools and during school holidays in community venues. The trainers are employed by Whizz-Kidz, but we rely on schools and community organisations like wheelchair services to help us find young people and provide buddies for people to team up with. In school training is normally for young people who attend that school, but often students from other schools are also encouraged to attend. View our Wheelchair Skills Training sessions.

  • Who runs the Wheelchair Skills Training?

    Our training is run by adults who are hand picked to be great role models for everyone who attends, they have lots of experience and are highly skilled individuals. Many of our trainers are also full time wheelchair users.

  • What happens at Wheelchair Skills Training?

    Each scheme lasts ten hours, usually over two days. There is always an icebreaker at the start to get everyone warmed up and comfortable in the group, then the trainers run activities tailored to the needs of the group. Skills we improve include spatial awareness, travelling in different directions and around obstacles, planning safe routes, negotiating different surfaces, getting through doorways, and up and down ramps. Training also includes activities about staying safe, including showing trainees how to look after their wheelchairs and road safety. To get more of an idea of what happens at Wheelchair Skills Training, have a look at our training videos.

  • What happens after Wheelchair Skills Training?

    You will achieve a lot from taking part in Wheelchair Skills Training, but it’s essential to practice your new skills after the training is over. At the end of your training day, you’ll need to make a ‘pledge’ to keep practicing a certain skill, and this will be recorded on your  final certificate. You’ll also be invited back to Wheelchair Skills Training every year.

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