Science experiments encourage young wheelchair users to become future scientists

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Young wheelchair users in Newcastle recently participated in science experiments at their local Whizz-Kidz Club to enhance their learning and personal development. 

Made possible by the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery1, the Whizz-Kidz Club enables disabled children and young people to learn new skills, socialise with each another, and improve their self-confidence.

The session, attended by young wheelchair users aged between 9 - 24 years, was delivered by science enthusiast and actor Graham Hidderle, also known as ‘James Boffin – Secret Science Agent UU72’. Through interactive demonstrations of turning water into gel and teaching about Bernoulli’s principle of flying planes, Graham helped the young people improve their scientific knowledge.

Fraser Carr, 18, regularly attends the Whizz-Kidz Club in Newcastle and often participates in a range of physical and educational activities. He recently attended the science session and said: “I particularly enjoyed learning all about polymers and the elephant toothpaste demonstration with steaming foam was my favourite! I’m keen to see James Boffin at the club again because I’m excited to learn so much more through the science experiments.

“I really enjoy attending the Whizz-Kidz Club because it’s a great opportunity to socialise with other young people too. Everyone at the science session had the chance to learn together and engage as a team in the different experiments – learning together is all part of the fun!”

Katie Bradshaw, Whizz-Kidz Service Delivery Manager for the North East said: “The science workshop was so well received – it was just so interactive and enjoyable! The young people were so involved throughout and were able to learn new skills through the chemical reactions, mystery of gravity, and magic of electricity experiments.

“These particular sessions are really great because they’re not only fun and exciting, but tremendously educational. So many young people truly benefited from the practical experiments and were happy to have learnt so much. I can safely say that there are some budding scientists amongst us in the North East!”

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